Hackathon 2011!

We've still got a little hacking time left in the 2011 Horde Hackathon, but we're about to relax for dinner for a bit, so now is a good time to wrap up some of the things that have been accomplished already:

  • We have a plan for making the Horde UI consistent between all applications and application views, as well as to make it look much better. Also to reduce the number of views we maintain, hopefully increasing our developer productivity
  • Some really snazzy automated updates coming for the demo server
  • The develop branch of nag now supports ajax completion of tasks, creating tasks, and basic viewing of tasks
  • Trean finally has a migration from folders to tags, with basic working functionality for viewing bookmarks with tags. This was on my list FOREVER.
  • Lots of good discussion about how we fit into the larger PHP and groupware ecosystem
  • New timezone support from Jan
  • New weather support to replace the now-commercial weather.com feed
  • New documentation tools

... and almost certainly a ton more that is slipping my mind right now. Going to miss everyone once we head our separate ways again tomorrow, but hopefully the momentum will keep up, and I'm really looking forward to next year!